Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Feeling Lucky

I was thinking about the number I did not play in the lottery that came in. This has happened countless times to countless people. It is also a time that helps me count my blessings. Nah! I am really bummed about not playing that number. In fact it is doing a number on me. Sure there are plenty of blessings that I can count and there a lot of good things that have happened in my life. That lousy number is frustrating to me though. So what I did is call someone I know that really has problems. I can usually call this person and get cheered up hearing about all the disasters that she is having and then count my blessings. I do not wish this person to have bad times it is just that a lot of things happen to her. As it happened she was having a great day. Her daughter on the other hand had some problems which kind of made me feel better. What the heck am I talking about. Good times bad times what does it matter. At least I am not Tiger Woods. Like his problems are kinda bad for him right now. Although I would not mind being Tiger Woods either. Anyway I realized that it is better to hear about friends experiencing good things and being there for them for the bad experiences as well. That is life. Are you feeling lucky today? Then buy that lottery ticket.

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