Sunday, September 30, 2012

Homeless Season

The Homeless season has started.  The weather is starting to get that Autumn chill and the homeless are starting to check out safe and warm places.  We had a young female crash in our waiting room in the Hospital.  It is a 24 hour open room with free coffee because it is for maternity and welcoming new babies into the world as anxious family members await their birth.  Not a good place because baby security is a priority.  She did manage to stay the night and left early taking her few belongings with her.  I always feel sad because more and more people seem to be homeless.  I read that in early American Colonies the homeless were gathered up in the community and actually auctioned off to the lowest bidder.  They then would have a place to stay and were employed as servants or farm hands to pay for their keep.  The community would help pay for their stay with a small stipend going to the host giving them a place to stay.  Most homeless were considered town idiots and having a low mentality.  Today we have a different system.  Homeless shelters and fast food jobs.  Unfortunately the fast food jobs have been going to former middle class people.

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I agree, it's completely unfair that it's still acceptable in today's society for people to be without shelter. We have a homeless guy roaming our apartments wearing a winter coat during the summer in 100 degree heat, at least during the winter he is able to sleep in the laundry rooms but during the summer I can't even imagine what he goes through. The worst part is that we're unable to lend him a hand because he seems to have some sort of mental disorder and I don't want to risk scaring him into unknown territory :(