Saturday, September 08, 2012

Where do I Start and Why Can't I finish?

I went to my favorite store Website to check on a small hand held vacuum to keep my keyboard and area around my computer clean.  I found one and it had the warning, "Not in stock at your local store; can only be purchased online."  So I purchased it online.  It only took a few days and I was surprised on how fast I did get it.  I ripped, cut, pulled, and finally cursed open the vacuum in the vacuum sealed packaging.  After tending to my cuts and wounds to my fingers and hands while trying to open said package.  I tried the new Millennium futuristic advanced cleaning item and was surprised how great it sucked up the dust and other dirt particles.  The more I used it the more dust and dirt I was finding.   I noticed little stings on my hand while using the device.  I discovered that the dirt was being sucked in; travelling thru the vacuum and finally escaping thru the vents on the side of the vacuum.  I explored the vacuum, packaging and directions and discovered all the parts were in place and nothing was missing.  Returning it was not an easy task and I will spare you the details.  It was made in China and made me realize the word "filters" may not be in their vocabulary.

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