Sunday, September 23, 2012

Real Life Live!

There is family that comes to our church that rarely fails to entertain.  The mother looks a lot like "The Nanny" character.  Her husband looks like a TV husband.  They have 3 girls 4 years and up to about 12.
The smallest one is the star of this reality show.  This day the youngest took her one dollar for the collection basket, folded it up, jumped on the church bench, got behind her mother and put the money down her mothers back.  The child then tried to retrieve the dollar.  Unfortunately it fell down her mothers back and the little girl could not get it.  Having a great idea she got off the bench and behind her mother.  With one sweeping motion the small one lifted up her mothers dress to restore the charitable church contribution back to her possession.  The mother shrieked a little, bent over and backwards and pulled her dress back down to a less revealing position.  All done smiles and hugs were given by mother and child as church witnesses smiled and urged out a few chuckles.  Who says church is boring?

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